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Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)

Type: Core Laboratory


A State-of-the-Art RCMI Flow Cytometry Core is located in MR613 with full time technical support, provided by the Flow Technician Mr. Jeffrey Walker. Mr. Walker is BD trained and certified in both analysis and sorting and has extensive experience in sorting both lymphocytes and larger epithelial cells, as well as with specialized applications including cell cycle analysis and calcium flux. Mr. Walker provides training for regular users wishing to perform independent analysis, and is responsible for all sorting.

Innate Immunity Lab

Type: Laboratory


The innate immune system is the first line of defense an organism has against invading pathogens.

Microscopy Facility

Type: Core Laboratory


The microscopy center is a shared central facility whose primary goal is to promote scientific research by providing training in basic operation of the scanning electron microscope (SEM), the transmission electron microscope (TEM) and the Confocal.

New users of the facility are asked to submit an application then schedule an appointment with the manager to discuss the project or to begin training.

New York Structural Biology Center

Type: Center


NYSBC is a consortium of 10 eminent academic research institutions.
Founded in 1999 by a consortium of renowned academic research centers as a not-for-profit cooperative to provide advanced instrumentation for structural biology, NYSBC has since become the model in the US for sharing high-end resources.

Resources include:
165 affiliated Principal Investigators
26 member professional/scientific staff
the most advanced instrumentation in the US for structural biology

Core Facilities:
11 High-field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometers
4 Cryoelectron Microscopes
2 X-Ray Crystallographic “Beamlines” at NSLS

Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Columbia University
City University of New York
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
New York University
The Rockefeller University
State University of New York
Wadsworth Center, New York State Department of Health
Weill Medical College of Cornell University

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility

Type: Laboratory

RCMI Core Facility

Type: Core Laboratory


Basic research equipment for RCMI Faculty

The City College of New York

Type: University

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